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Welcome to Classy Tulip


It’s all started with our love for handcraft and nature inspired décor. In 2018 we founded Classy Tulip. We offer handcrafted item made by provincial craftsmen from across India specially by our woman crafters.


We are passionate about doing our part to make life better. We provide Unique Products. We connect people with products in new and unexpected ways. We believed that India is loaded with unique talent that has not showcased properly. We needed to make a culture that supports hidden craft and culture. 


We want to gather and empower all the creative women around us and inspire the consumer to shop small and unique production rather than support mass production. We really hope you love the concept and the products as much as I do. We want to raise awareness for all the amazing women around us and empower their creativity. Our mission is to encourage wage earners and women from less privileged background acquire new skills to give them self confidence and self esteem.  We strongly believe that incredible things happen when women support each other.